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Serving proudly as a State Representative for Louisiana's 38th District, Rhonda has been a staunch advocate for the our community. An effective, efficient, and compassionate leader, her long record of success features concrete achievements aimed at making all of our lives better.



1. Created the first preventive dental care program in Louisiana for special needs adults over 21, saving our state millions per year.

2. Established, for first the time in our district's history, an LA 38 Economic Development Authority focused on creating business and job opportunities to revitalize our rural communities.

3. Passed legislation creating the Louisiana Revolving Rural Infrastructure Loan to assist small local governments. 

4. Passed legislation to provide funding to local governments, aimed at addressing Louisiana's growing need for economic development and assisting financially in the upgrade, rehabilitation, repair, and construction of infrastructure and environmental facilities to maintain a healthy and a safe and environment all Louisianans. 

5. Passed legislation to study and implement new training programs in certain facilities governed by LDH, DHH, and Medicaid services. Improved oversight of neglected and abused special needs adults and children.

6. Passed bills improving school choice for parents across Louisiana.

7. Secured over $50 million for road and bridge projects and over $48 million and clean water and sewer infrastructure grants. 

8. Secured $3-6 million in funding for STEM school programs and $4-1.5 million to build and modernize school infrastructure.

9. Secured over $15 million for local government projects.

10. 100% voting record for pro-life from the right to life organization. 

11. Helped implement the dental training program and free services for special needs children and adults in Baton Rouge. 

12. Created the Evangeline business alliance group in LD 38, composed of citizens and business leaders dedicated to pursuing business growth and industry.

13. Created a think tank in my district 38 comprised of business leaders, bankers, education leaders, and farmers  to introduce new economic ideas and discuss critical business issues. 



Committee Assignments

  • Agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, and rule development

  • Natural resources and environment. 

  • Ways and means 

  • Vice chair for Special committee on military and veterans Affairs

  • Atchafalaya basin program oversight committee

  • Joint legislative committee on capital outlay. 

  • House select committee on women and children. 

  • House select leader ship committee. 


Caucuses and delegations

  • Vice chair for two years for the Louisiana rule caucus

  • Acadiana delegation and board member

  • Louisiana legislative women's caucus 

  • Central Louisiana delegation caucus treasurer 

  • Louisiana republican legislative delegation. 

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